Monday, August 30, 2010

Boston...Here we come!

We are here! I can't believe it. It seems like I have been saying I am going to Boston for so long. I guess I didn't really think it would happen. But we made it. And it is AMAZING! Everything I thought it would be. I am taken aback at the different life style it is here. The idea of having a yard is foreign to them. And the buildings seem like one building but have different facades. Everyone walks! It's crazy coming from someone like me who just hops in the car and drives to where I need to be. But parking is horrendous and expensive and things are relatively close. But I have not yet seen a typically house. You know with the pitch roof, front door, driveway. Yeah...they aren't like that around here. And you should see their firehouse...well you will in a minute. Everything has SO much history it is so incredible.

We flew in on Sunday and decided to take a walk and see what was around us. Also, we were starving since I hadn't had anything to eat since 7:30am and it was 6:30pm. I didn't really care where we ate. But the first thing we see is the firehouse. Look at this place. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful. And all the buildings are like this. They are just so pretty and cozy. We found somewhere we could eat out on the street. It reminds me of Paris, how you can just eat on the street and see the going ons with people playing music on the streets setting the ambience just perfectly. Then we took a walk around to Copley square and they have a GUCCI shop! Yeah..I was too intimidately to walk in it. That is for tomorrow. I am going to get all dolled up and then go in. I won't buy anything of course, but it never hurts to look around :) That's another thing. All the shops are seperated. No MALLS! How I take that for granted. If I want to go to Macy's and Children's place have to go to the Theatre district. If I want american eagle I have to go to the Quincy market place...totally different area. I would be supremely skinny or an internet shopper if I had to live here. But they have beautiful parks here and tons of water features at the parks, eithher pools, fountains, etc. The kids would love it. In fact, today we saw a guy walking around the fountains in just his silk underwear. Said he was working on his tan...I just think he was missing a few marbles...but whatever makes him happy. I just count myself lucky he had his boxers on.
Today we were on a mission. To get tickets for WICKED and to conquer the Freedom Trail. Luckily for us, there were a few tickets left, so we were in for Wednesday, opening night. Next on the list, the freedom trail. Now the map says it is 2.5 miles long, but I think it is full of it! My aunt warned me that we probably wouldn't want to go on the complete trail but we were bound and determined to finish it. Michael and I began at 1:00pm thinking we had plenty of time. After 6 hours, we were exhausted and finally completed the trail. The USS Constitution museum shut the door on our way out which left us Bunker hill. Luckily it didn't really have a museum to close so we didn't miss much. We lost the rest of the sightseers halfway through trail, but we stayed steady and kept plugging along thinking we could just hop on the T (the subway) when we got tired. Little did we know that the T didn't run up to Charlestown. Aye de mi!!! But it turned out okay because we got to walk around there and decided this is where we would like to live if we moved to Boston. It was gorgeous. Well, enough talk talk, now I will show you the pics!

Me preppin myself for my Gucci debut

This is their library! Isn't it amazing! I think it will take me a day to explore.

Boston Common / Public park

Trinity Church (we plan on attending mass here on Thursday)
Statue of Paul RevereThis statue reminded us of Ava

The constitution

Massachusetts State House

Stain glass dome in state house First American Flag Good ole' Mitt

Paul Revere's headstone

Paul Revere's home

Probably as close to Italy as I am going to get
for a while. Little Italy. It was such a fun place and the nicest people there. They also know how to party!

One of my favorite facades. These are what the homes look like. How fun is that?!

This is actually a very old graveyard.

This was so cool. It is called Paul Revere's Mall. Which is decieving because it is not a mall at all. It is just a cool place they just sit and relax and play chess. Very peaceful.

And look at this! Twilight has hit Boston! Well...kind of. It is a clothing store but I thought it was kind of fun.

Pics of downtown
USS Contitution
Bunker Hill!!
We finally FINISHED! Can you see our exhausted state? It took us a while to get up. But it was worth it. Not bad for a day's work ey?
This is their High School! It looked so regal. And the red brick building is the afore mentioned fire house. Well, that is it for today. And this took far too long, so I don't think I will be posting for a bit. After all, I need to enjoy my vacation:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We did it baby!

I cannot believe that a year has past already. It seems like just yesterday that your little self made it's entrance into our lives. I can remember when I first saw your perfect little face with those beautiful eyes and all your HAIR! Everyone said it looked like you just stepped out of a salon before you came. You were just amazing and so perfect. I would count your little toes and fingers and be amazed at how absolutely perfect you were.

After a year you are still dazzling more ways than one. You are a little spit fire that keeps us all on our toes. Your personality shines so bright. And when you light up the day. When you are happy, it seems everything else is fantastic. Some where within the have claimed the pants in the family. At first I thought they were daddy's with an occassional use from me...but then dad said that I had apparently you took them in all the confusion. I am astounded that a little one year old can have four people jump so fast with a simple shout out, but that shows you just how much we all love you.
And you love your sisters too. You love to play baby dolls with them or anything really. You love to dance to music which we need to record sometime because it is a sight to see....always adorable. I have enjoyed watching you learn and grow this year. It was amazing how much you took in after we got your tubes in, it was like you were a sponge just soaking it all in. I would have liked to watch you sleep a little more...but I caught the rare moments :)
From day one you had us all wrapped around your little fingers. Your sisters have adored you since the first time they held you and they still try to hold you even with a little fight from you. And to your have survived all their "lovin'" :) You are now a whole 29 inches tall, weighing in at 21 lbs.
I look back and the year just flew. I can't believe that you aren't my little baby anymore...but a walking talking toddler. Sometimes you will let me cradle you again but it is hard to see those days go. Ava you have truly been a blessing in our lives. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next year brings. Happy late Birthday:) Here are some pictures throughout the year.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So what has been up with us?

Since I can actually think clearly now...I was thinking maybe I would update myself and others on what has gone on while we were in a haze :) Michael has picked up a new hobby of running which I love because I actually love to do that too! We have finally found something we can do together except he runs at night and I run in the morning...but some day. He ran his first 5K about 3 weeks ago. We were so proud of him. We tried to be a huge welcoming crew but due to diversions, we weren't too impressive. But we were there to support our daddy and that's all that counts. Here is a picture from behind of his big finish. Keep in mind I am holding a baby too. I know...should have brought the stroller.

The girls thought that because they got up early and were there, they should at least participate in for the good of the fundraiser...they played on all the blow up toys. Tough life for the kids I tell you.
Us waiting for him to come

Michael finishing up.

The kids enjoying the toys

Michael loves to run outside so he is gearing up for the winter months. I am trying to talk him into letting me show you a picture I took of his thermals...but I may not win this battle. Wish me gave us a good laugh and we like to share the joy:)

Chloe had her first field trip. It was to a park, but hey...she thought it was cool because she had some of her friends ride with us. And of course it is a good photo op. She loves preschool and her teacher, Miss Amy. As she puts it, "She is so so so so so Good to me." The kid cracks me up. She is getting to the age where she also likes having friends over. I love to watch them interact it is actually quite entertaining. And I have found it is impossible to keep this childs hair done. She is everywhere with no care in the world...something I just have to accept. But I love her adventuristic outlook on life, it is just rough on clothes.

Ava is just growing and growing. Too fast I feel. She is such a good natured and happy baby. She is sitting up and grabbing at everything. She has picked up quite the appetite and she really LOVES paper. She will find it anywhere. Her favorite is newspaper because it makes lots of sound when you crunch it and wave it around. She still gets a little frightened when her sisters come around but has learned that if she screams really loud, Mom will come to her rescue:)
And poor Ava has learned at a young age that if she sits quietly and real still, it will be over before you know it, meaning her hair of course. It really is amazing how still she sits while I do my braids or twists in her hair. It really is quite fun to see what you can do with her hair. There are some things she just will not allow, One: hair bows, two: head bands. Can't ask too much of the girl.

Laney has been loving school. She is reading like no other. We can't get her enough books to keep her busy. She loves it. If I have failed at everything else at least I can say..."My children love books!" It's like Christmas when we come home from the Library. We all sit down and look at the books we got. It's fabulous. In fact, if we dare to put them to bed without reading books, well, it just doesn't happen around here. She is making lots of new friends that is opening our eyes. We have been some what sheltered to the friends that live in a 1 minute radius, where I know their parents and are friends with them also. Not really ready to give that up.

Daddy reading to the girls before bed

We also decided that we needed to explore Utah a bit more. So one Sunday we were feeling adventurous and went for a drive to the dam. It was a gorgeous drive. I love the canyon in the fall. The kids had fun just being able to throw the rocks in the dam..that isn't allowed around here, so they were in heaven. Ava just likes to feel the wind in her hair. As long as she is outside, she is pretty happy.

And just in case you didn't's Fall! I love fall. I love the colors, the temperature, the smell. I love it. So therefore, it's time for some new family photos. I am so excited to get some new photos up and have an actual family photo. I tried to get a warm up of the girls, but Ava took a really long nap and the girls were ruining their dresses so we will just have to wait for my friend to take them next week:) But here is one of Chloe and Laney...just a taster for what's to come.

And finally, Michael and I are catching up on some well deserved Rest. I still have a 3:30am call, but he gets to sleep all night now. And the girls are usually kind enough to take naps at the same time so I also get a nap for an hour or so. Life is great and just keeps getting better!

A new found faith

Michael and I aren't ones that really enjoy complaining...yes we may do it at times, but at best we try not to. So not many people would know that our little bundle of joy has not slept more than an hour and a half stints at night. Mostly it is 45 min or an hour. We tried EVERYTHING! And let me tell you...I wonder if Dr. Sears even has children. When we were at our wits end...I asked our Dr. what could possibly be wrong with my baby. He was stumped and thought maybe some PREVICID. So we tried it and still no improvement. So when we are in dire situations where do we go? To Fingers...or Dr. Fingers we should say. Really his name is Dr. Hirshbrunner...but we know him as fingers. Why you may ask...because he can fix ANYTHING with only his two hands. True...there are doubters...myself sometimes included, but the man has literally solved every puzzle I have put before him.
So I took our little Ava wondering how on Earth he would be able to figure her out, but I should never doubt. He came through for me once again! It turns out she has a Hiatal Hernia that was causing other problems and keeping her up. HURRAY....we finally have an answer to our questions. Now can he fix her....OF COURSE! Normally the medical field would say that you need surgery to fix this problem, but Fingers doesn't believe in that mumbo jumbo. So he fixed her. People have asked me...hOW? Michael was a big sceptic and probably asked the question the most but my answer is always the same ...I have no clue...but he has. For the last four nights (I took her in on Tues) she is like clock work. She wakes up at 3:00am and at 6:30am. Some may say that is still bad but to a mom that has not gotten more than two hours of sleep for 6 MONTHS I say....HALLELUJAH! And she is not as cranky when she wakes up. All around, we are a happy household.
This blog is dedicated to Fingers...thank you, thank you, thank you! I can actually think clearly again...and those bags under my eyes are slowly disappearing. What would we do with out him? Hopefully we never have to know.

Friday, September 4, 2009

5 months already?

It's official. Ava is now 5 months old. And to all those who said she would loose her hair, I balk! She has it still and tons more:) In fact, I am so used to it that I forget how rare it is, and usually that is the first thing people say is, "Look at all that hair." And sometimes I feel like saying, "I do, everyday...isn't it pretty?"
But really, I have to say to myself, where has the time gone? I can't believe she is 5 MONTHS old! It hasn't been slept away I'll tell you that much ;) She has grown so much and her personality just shines through. Her smile I tell something special. She is a sweetheart and a pretty funny baby at that. It is hard to keep my hands off of her little chubbas. So I thought it is about time to posts some pictures of the girl. I haven't found a whole lot of time to post or take pictures sadly, but last night...are you ready for this...she put herself to sleep during the night. Yes...we are so happy. Maybe turning 5 months old means that she can sleep longer than 2 hours. Actually we were counting ourselves lucky if it was 2 hours. But I had finally had it last night. Nothing was working so I just let her cry. It was sad...but somehow exhaustion eased my concerns. And apparently hers too because after about 1/2 hour, she finally went back to sleep and slept until 6:30!! WAhoo...that is about a 4 hour stretch. I should find some wood to knock on...hold on...okay, we are good. Hopefully tonight we can do it again! So here are some photos of the cutie.

So much to learn and explore. She is getting to the point where she is grabbing at everything. Including our food! We have had many a plates spilled on us.

This was her at 2 months.

Just relaxing.

She gets this look alot when her sisters are around. I don't know if it is scared or just questioning my reason as to why I have her on the floor so close to them:) They are great sisters, just a little overzealous sometimes.

And Laney has started a love for photography herself. So I think we may be purchasing a camera for the little turkey soon. Our hand-me-downs just aren't cuttng it for her. But I am excited to see her venture off and discover new things.
All in all, we are so lucky to have such wonderful girls. They make us smile and laugh in different ways, but they each have smiles that light up my heart. And I am starting to think the saying "If Mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" should really be revised to, "If the baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" :) LUcky for us she is a happy baby.